Who we are

Gov2u is a non-profit, non-governmental organization which was founded in 2005 by a group of visionary professionals from the fields of Legislative Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and community activism.

Right from the start and for nearly 10 years we have contributed to the new, at the time, field of eDemocracy and Citizen Participation through the use of ICT with all of our resources. We have initiated and upheld campaigns to inform the citizens about the necessity and the advantages of their participation in decision-making. We have also managed projects in Europe and globally that have empowered citizens to share their views on issues that were of great concern to them.

For Gov2u, the freedom of speech -the right to express one’s views- is one of the most important aspects of democracy.  Today, even more than ever we strongly believe that technology can play a key role in connecting voices and make them heard.

As an innovative organization, Gov2u continues to trigger change.

Through our actions and initiatives, we keep the citizen at the centre. What we want and what we strive for is a highly democratic Europe, where every citizen is truly and fairly empowered. As the legislation for online privacy and citizen protection in the EU is about to change, we are certain that right now it is extremely important to raise awareness and explain to citizens how human rights apply to the Internet. Through our activities and the projects we participate in, we want to ensure that internet governance is focused on citizen-centered values and that the respect for human rights, social justice and freedom of expression, to name only a few of the core values of humanity, are high on everyone’s agenda. The access to internet is a human right; however we want to ensure that this will be achieved without censorship and restrictions of speech. Ultimately, we are striving for the development of an international legal framework that will be protecting the e-citizen!